As Pine & Roses works to produce new episodes of the Maine Mural Podcast in coming months, we thought we’d dive into earlier episodes to bring you this interview with Lisa from Mid-Coast Maine. She discusses her family’s escape from fascist Europe, an uncle who fought with the partisans, and her father’s love of anti-fascist music from the Spanish Civil War era.

As U.S. politics slide dangerously closer to the reactionary Right through hateful policies that implement right-wing propaganda in schools, threaten voting rights, attack minority and LGBTQ communities, and revoke a person’s right to control their own body, we felt it was important to highlight this interview due to its focus on the dangers and consequences of allowing fascism to take over.

If you have historical family artifacts and a story to share about how your ancestors fought for workers’ rights or social justice causes, please feel free to contact to discuss the possibility of featuring them in a future episode of Maine Mural Podcast. Now please enjoy the episode.