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Astroturfing is alive and well, even in winter

Landlords have brought forth a new referendum in Portland to allow unlimited rent increases when units turn over. This is a summary of how that would work and who is funding this political retaliation against successful tenant organizing.

Why We Must Pass Question B: A Tenant’s Story

The true story of a Portlander who had to leave the neighborhood they called home when their old apartment was converted to a short-term rental.
After weeks of searching while living with their partner, they managed to find a cramped one-bedroom apartment across town while their former home sits mostly vacant. Question B is out best shot at reducing housing insecurity in Portland.

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Announcing the Maine DSA Campaign for a Livable Portland

Maine DSA’s Campaign for a Livable Portland filed paperwork with the City of Portland to pursue four citizen initiatives for November 2022. These referenda are a bid to make the city that we love and reside in livable: not only for business owners, not only for landlords, developers, and seasonal residents, not only for the 1%, not only for tourists. Portland must be livable for Portland’s workers, Portland’s tenants, Portland’s families and Portland’s most vulnerable— the entire working class that calls Portland home.

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