Pine and Roses and the Maine Mural podcast are proud to announce a little socialist media mutual aid. We’ll be sharing resources, people power, research, interviews, and stories to bring current debates, critical analysis, and grassroots stories to you from all over the state and beyond. We’re kicking off this collaboration with a special 3-part broadcast on drug policy in Maine. We’ll be working on setting up a permanent spot for the Maine Mural on in the coming weeks, but for now, listen and learn.

On Friday, May 7, Maine DSA Drug Policy Subcommittee hosted an educational event about current efforts to decriminalize all drugs in the State of Maine. The event included a screening of the movie “The House I Live In” as well as a panel of activists, policy experts, and people with lived experiences to discuss the film and how the war on drugs has impacted Maine. They also provided information on two key bills in the state legislature, LD 967 “An Act To Make Possession of Scheduled Drugs for Personal Use a Civil Penalty” and LD 994 “An Act To Promote Public Health by Eliminating Criminal Penalties for Possession of Hypodermic Apparatuses,” as well as a future event on writing public testimony and op-eds.

With the permission of the subcommittee, the session was recorded and today, we will be interviewing Davey and Craig of the Maine DSA Drug Policy Subcommittee with questions from Maine DSA members.

You can find the Maine Mural here and a complete archive off all previous episodes here.